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You've just got to work to get results ......  just got to work :)
Hey all!

I think it's time to finally face up to the truth that I should have addressed months ago: I haven't been working on Hallowed Turf. At. All.

Consequently, the time has come to 'put it too bed'. I've had a few pages that are SO CLOSE it completion, yet I havn't touched them. I've has 'concept pieces' that should of kick started my creativity, but didn't. :invisible:

I'll be the first to admit I bit off more than I could chew with the story I had planned. Moreover I started Hallowed Turf with such energetic, but oh so naive optimism ('100 pages?? EASY!!!' lol. Fool. :XD: ) However at some point reality comes to bite you in the behind. Hard.

I had some big reality check's early last year, and Hallowed Turf took the brunt of it because it was my only on-going project. Ever since then, there's been no motivation on my part to get her going again.  :bonk:

I'm sad to put a stop to it since I've been working on it for so long and it's taught me so much. When I first started drawing ideas and comic pages down on paper the thought of posting it online would of sent me off to a dark corner.

Hallowed Turf showed me I could write, draw, plan, ink, colour, letter.

Most of all it showed I could display my artwork, without anyone thinking it as 'silly' or 'stupid'. :wow:

So Thank You and Goodbye to a project that's been close to me, pushed me to where I am today, but could of done with a lot more hard work from its creator.

Most of all, thank you to anyone whose seen, read, commented and enjoyed it. Your supports is always fantastic! Especially jpalacio; who faved every page! :nod:

It's going to be fun to see what happens next  :w00t:


Maybe I'll take up poetry?? (small paragraphs? 'Emotions'!?! EASY!!!) :rofl:
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Aye Up.

Wow, okay, so its been October/Novemeber since I lasted updated. I've come on today and been flabbergasted by all the favourites that have sprung up! Thank you everyone. Now excuse me while I talk on and on and on about my life like a teenage girl... =p

Later half of 2011 Blues.

First off the very bad: I let down a Friend whose an AMAZING</b> writer, and who asked me to try drawing one of his comic scripts. Being the idiot that I was, I let that slide badly. Ultimately, yes that partnership went before it started. Which was a really stupid thing too do, the guy was a fantastic writer and I was an artist who had no faith in his work and completely let the writer down. Guys got amazing down to earth mini series ideas, he just can't break into the comic industry.

Meanwhile the window for university application has closed. I've now got to wait another year and half (ish).  Was I ready to move on up? Maybe ...

Bright Future

... BUT I now have a good time to make a f-ing fantastic university application and portfolio! To actually go round and see universities and open days and Internet research, etc, etc.

Hallowed Turf

Yes, Hallowed Turf is STILL ALIVE and there's FINALLY a script for the next act (with staples and everything!) I'm finally confident that I'm portraying the story ideas well. So HUZZAH for that!

The plan is to draw the 'middle' pages of the act and work my way backward and forwards, so I have a buffer when I post, but that will take weeks to sort out, so the comic is still 'on hold' for a bit longer. In the mean time I've got a couple of 'concept pieces' scanned in to help me get back into the digital rhythm, so they should be up in the next couple of weeks.

If I can win the fight with the shading ....

'The Seven Evangelion Itch'

Had a bit of a creative itch for Neon Genesis Evangelion over Christmas. Maybe I really shouldn't have (Rei-) discovered the 'Re-Build' Movies (:3). This could be bad, especially with what happened last time I had a creative itch!

On the plus side, I've discovered another of Gainax's works: Gurren Lagann. Which is well ... EPIC!


"I went to New York Comic Con 2011 and got a free copy of 'Bioshock Infinite'. "… :D

No really, its just I have to wait for release date. Which still hasn't been announced...

But in the mean time, I've got a creative thing or two, Bioshock: Infinite related, in the pipe-line.

Furthermore I decided to pick up the original Bioshock and as an exercise in writing (I hate personal statements. Or any other type of applications or forms) I'm writing my thoughts and experiences as a 'Walk-though' on the Irrational Games forum for everyone to 'enjoy'. I'll throw up a link if anyone's interested.

Sketch Challenge.

On the subject of 'getting back into the rhythm' and 'portfolio's' I'm trying a 'Daily-Warm-up-Character-Sketch-Challenge-Thing'. I've seen other artist do something similar, like :icondouggiedoo:  but I'm trying something with a slight twist.

More on that in the next week, but I think I'm going to need some help since I'M GOING TO NEED SUGGESTIONS!!! [God help me]

And I've realised the Internet is my worst enemy (TOO MANY PRETTIES TO LOOK AT!!) so If I'm slow to respond, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just trying to 'work' (PRETTIES!!)  


PS: The bacon is a lie. (WELCOME TO A MEME FROM 2007.)
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Well, as it turns out, not anymore!

You just have to make it. This could be interesting ....  :O.
We're flying out to New York tomorrow, so yeah...couple of days to go till this "Ultimate Geek Holiday".

First ever comic convention, so yeah I have NO idea how this is going to go!! XD

See you all in just over a week!! (unless your a deviant who'll be AT NYCC of course ;))
... I want it!…

There's nothing that beats those streamline 1930s Roadster designs! =)…

so true.
Hello everyone.

Thank you to everyone for favouriting, commenting, and watching on "My Little Damn Ponies." I had no idea how well mixing these two programs, with highly passionate fanbases, would go down with the internet. :D Roll on season two in September!

BUT at the same time, while Ponies merrily trot on, I have been letting a lot of other projects slip, mainly because my creativity has been up and down more times than a decent analogy. "Hallowed Turf" is getting back on its feet (A scene involving a phone call and talk that became an "off the record" offer, which then became a 'farewell' party is helping. =P) and too be perfectly honest, i really want to build up a good buffer of pages before posting again, so look out for sketches, and THEN more updates in the near future! (aiming at working my ass of for a month!)

So what does that mean?

Will there be more "My Little Damn Ponies?" 99% No.

But will there be more Ponies? ... Properly!

I got an idea or two (or FIVE. Damn you Faust!) for picture and sketches, especially since this fandom is so amazingly creative! And every Brony artist does have to draw at least one 'humanizied' ponies picture (its like, the law...) :XD:

Anything else? Hmm. Sitting here, twiddling my thumbs waiting for Bioshock Infinite i suppose!




Is it out yet? Has it even got a release date?


Tom aka: Choo1701

Oh, and DC comics is completly re-launching its entire line of comic books this week or something. Yeah, ITS happening. This week.
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Hallowed Turf?

Anyone remember that?

See the funny thing is, LACK of creativity is why i haven't been working on HT. TOO MUCH creativity seems to be the problem!

A gaggle of 'other' inspirations (Bioshock Infinite has led to a rash, as has a "certain" recent cartoon program ... ) ideas have popped up and its just taken my focus AWAY from finishing of those damn conversations.

Oh, and I'm planning on going to university because my job kind of 'sucks' after 6 years. Too be honest 'm just a BIT late for signing up for THIS year. Since the entry window closed in JANUARY. Technically I JUST missed that boat... :D

So: any ideas on what I should study?
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So...what can i say?

The whole 'two week  plan' didn't exactly work.

And then, well having a weeks holiday off work is fun. And filled with plenty of time to work on said pages. Unfortunalty real life decided to throw me many, many hits from the left field (including the main computer running into trouble… ) so i havn't had much time to work on Hallowed Turf as i'd wished.

My apoligises everyone.

Page 20 will be next week :D

Maybe i need to work on channeling my Chi?
*does some fancy Airbending moves. And then falls over*


Meanwhile: my buddy AlxShipyards seems to be living up to his name.

Having churned out three Stargate ship models in as many week Destiny…, Destiny's Shuttle… and a Atlantis 'Puddle Jumper'… so far.
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"Oooo, i could make this page better by adding a texture!! EXCELSIOR!!"  

"oh ... wait i don't know how to add textures in photoshop ..." *head-too-desk*

This is why i don't make 'to-do' lists. More things keep appearing on them! XD
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Yes sir, posted today is Page 19 [… and we hit the Big Apple!

But unfortunately the buffer I have of completed pages has nearly run out.

And for the last week I’ve been running around a bit stressed since the next couple of pages are suddenly “complicated” and just don’t want to work!

So I made a decision (how adult of me): I’m going to hold off posting HT pages for two weeks. Yep just TWO weeks. Bit of a pisser this early on, but the short gap will give me plenty of breathing space to get pages sorted.

So Page 20 (and 21, 22, 23, 24, etc, etc) will be posted on FRIDAY JUNE THE THIRD! (That’s if “The Rapture”… happen tomorrow of course!!
HAHAHAAHAHA ha ha … hah…ha ……… … …)  

JUNE THE 3rd we’ll be back in business, meanwhile I’ll be posting some other art-y pieces I’ve had kicking around so hopefully feel free to stick around =)

ps: finally seen Kill Bill Volume One. Hmm…interesting. ;)
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So what have I done recently?

Moved house is the big one I suppose. A BIG move, and now little desk, having lost the MASSIVELY fantastic office desk (and my own little office!) the old landlord had. I'm down to just a computer stand at the moment …which the computer stands on.

Unfortunatly I've still got 'arty' ideas/projects buzzing around, and during this week off I made a quick list of them. The total came to eight. That's eight ideas off the top of my head, and if I rummage around I'm sure I'll find more! And i don't have a desk to draw/doddle on!

Many of these are fan art and not actually Hallowed Turf/HT related, which at the moment I'm just spamming my gallery with. :(  ("I can do more! Honest!!")  

Oh, and I decided to give these projects silly names too (I wasn't motivated!) And Hallowed Turf is 'Project U2' because, well have you SEEN how long U2 has been around for!! =)

Project 'Fleetwood Mac' though was scanned in this morning so, wait and see ;)

(Wait. Scratch that, their NINE ideas now. Remembered another one!)
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When you start posting a webcomic, its usally good to post a basic outline to give people an idea of what to expect, and who their reading out BEFORE they start reading.

So nearly fourty pages in, here's the basic story and character information for 'Hallowed Turf', my fan comic inspired by the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis tv shows! Technically the story isn’t directly tied into Stargate TV series mythos (It’s an “alternate reality” fan fiction!*) there are still many references and nods to ‘Stargate Sg-1’ and its spin off ‘Stargate Atlantis’ while keeping the shows sense of adventure, humour and military camaraderie!  


In a reality where the Ori won the battle, but not the war, a xenophobic and aware Earth is ready to explore the stars once more. It's been years since the Ori were seen, but as the UNRV Cook heads out to study the Pegasus Galaxy, they're pulled into a conflict years in the making.

Cut off with little supplies, a fresh faced crew of civilians and military with only a few experienced officers, and a little girl whose newfound powers are frighteningly familiar, the Cook will have to discover just how much more than fanatics the Ori really are!

Main Cast:

Aaron Frost.

Country of Birth: United States of America.
American Journalist currently covering the European Political scene. Although assigned to a number of different news agencies, he is classed as 'freelance'.
[first appearance: Chapter Zero. Page Six.]

Staff Sergeant Beatrice Taggart.

Country of Birth: England.
Marine currently attached to the Navy's 'Public Relations' department. Has supposedly served both on and off world, although little information is ... ... ‘available’.
[first appearance: Chapter Zero. Page Eight.]

Captain Narayana Prabhakara

Country of Birth: India
Naval Captain. Had a distinguished career on the sea's as well as commanding Earth ships in both Pegasus and the Milky Way. Currently heading up the 'Explorer Class' project.
[first appearance: Chapter Zero. Page Eleven]

Colonel Kurt Page

Country of Birth: New Zealand.
Marine with nearly two decades of experience in the Pegasus Galaxy, Kurt Page is now stuck on Earth; training recruits before they get sent out to Atlantis. (while sometimes helping out SGC General’s …)
[first appearance: Chapter One. Page One.]

?????????(Mysterious Final Character)??????

"This is where it gets complicated...." Timeline Note:

The 'Ori' were the 'big bads' in Season Nine and Ten of Stargate SG1 (Replacing the 'Goa'uld' who were defeated in Season Eight) and meet their end in the Movie "The Ark of Truth."

The Hallowed Turf 'alternate' timeline jumps off, with the "Invasion of Earth" (just over the mid way point in Season Ten). So the Ori didn't "meet their end" in 'Ark of Truth'.  

(if you understood that, you'll be FINE with Steven Moffat's Doctor Who stories! :))

--- More 'artistic' Character Sheets are in the works!!! ----


* My friend summed it up best by saying it uses the TV series mythology to ‘spring board’ into something new and ‘original’.
Here's a tip, when you go to a local college opening evening. Check the date. Don't just check it, double check it.

Then triple check it again and again

.... and STILL get the WRONG DATE and turn up a day early! LOL!

Man is it HARD to find evening art classes in Buckinghamshire :p

On the art front: i should have some artwork coming soon that ISN'T 'Hallowed Turf' comic pages! AAYYYYEEEEE!!
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"Posting 20 pages of comic on the internet while be EASY!" i said.

"People will be cool with it..." i said.

"Its a brilliant idea! Twenty pages about once, be like a proper comic..." i said.

*sigh* giving my watchers 20 pages of SPAM ....

Yeah...sorry about that everyone it ... seemed like a good idea at the time. :(

BUT i really hope you enjoy the first chapter of "Hallowed Turf"!  :)

Don't worry, it'll be ONE page at a time from now on!!
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First: Thanks for the warm welcome!

Second: thanks to everyone who watched, commented and faved my first ever 'deviant'.

Really helped get the creative ideas going again, and hopefully i'll have more pieces to post soon, as well as this 'little' fan-comic (see todays new artwork) :)

I'm just not sure about the "taking of my comments virginity" stuff Titan HQ and Sven are going on about. (First Facebook, now DeviantArt.) I...think its best if i leave them to it :p
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Hi i'm Tom aka: "Choo1701".

and i'm really bad at introductions so...lets see how this goes :)